World of Warcraft’s Brilliant Stuff Brilliant stuff.

I added the first link to our “Brilliant Links” section, and I purchased a T-Shirt off from the place. As an artist myself, and a wow player, I find the whole idea as a great way of expressing both addictions (yes, I said addictions).
I find that this one is particularly well suited for wow players, since it aims to the sense of loyalty of all those alliance players out there. This is a good target for marketing purposes and I don’t mind that it works that way, since it has certainly touched my dwarfish heart.

Personally, I’ve got friends who decided to buy those standard “You’re not prepared” tees from other places, but I find them extremely geeky for me, there are some of those ftw tees that are really fancy.

Bad thing is that they don’t seem to sell to Europe, I had to pay $29 for my order, it got stuck in some desk at the customs for a while. Thank you, UPS International Premium.

Another dark point is that they seem to be growing up, so you see just a little bunch of nice designs, but they have to work to improve.


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