Murlocs. Brilliant Stuff.

1) Let alone the aspect of these critters, they are like walking piranhas. Thing I hate about them is that they are always “there” but you don’t know what the hell they are doing.

2) They speak Nerglish. WTF is nerglish? They yawl and chase you, that’s all they do!! How come Wikipedia knows the name of their language but nobody has achieved to determine if it is actually a language or not?

3) They look like savage beings but they act organized, exactly like mormons: you rarely see just one on his own, and a certain sensation of deep fear begins to grow inside you.

4) They remind me of my aunt Stephanie, and believe me, murlocs are way nicer.

5) Wiping before Kil’Jaeden might be demoralizing, but dying because a walking fish is hitting you with a staff is a real highway to depression.

“Click on him to save the murlocs!!”

6) Even if you’re an overpowered level 94 orc warlock named “Daisy”, sooner or later you’re going to stumble onto some murloc that can kick your full epic ass in five seconds. Murlocs are the real archenemy in any game: if you put murlocs in Assassin’s Creed, the assassin would ask a murloc for advice in order to improve.

7) You should get killed mercilessly by a murloc when you reach level 1, in order to get the whole point of the game.

8 ) Did I mention my aunt Stephanie?

9) You reach maximum level, you have been trained the arts of war or the mystics of magic, you’ve defeated high evil bosses and dark lords, then you enter SCC and there are stunning murlocs waving their staves at you. Seriously, where are these creatures coming from?

10) According to several sources, Chuck Norris might be an evolved murloc.


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