Van Damme rules the World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft’s advertising. Brilliant stuff.

I always knew that Jean Claude Van Damme was one of the brightest minds of our time.

J.C has proven to be “aware”, especially when there’s money involved. Contrary to what most of people think, he is not french. He was born in Belgium, land of the (excellent) beer. This might explain the “why, oh my Lord, why?” about Van Damme, he was overexposed to beer when he was a child and the results are pretty evident to anyone.

Blizzard’s publicists have chosen some unusual personalities for their World of Warcraft campaigns. Personally, I think it tinges the advertising of certain originality: it is a videogame so they aim to impress “geeks”. By bringing William Shatner or Mini Me to talk about the game, they bring living Gods to their own worshippers!! Brilliant.

Hold on, hold on, we’re not saying that Van Damme is a living God. I see rather odd that they have chosen the Kickboxer for the french version of their advertise. However, the results don’t make me frown either, it fits among the rest.

It’s really scary to see Van Damme speaking. It is even more dreadful to see him speaking french, the walls of reality shake in anger and ancient Gods (Mr. T ? Hannibal?  ) scream from their wombs. I watch this in pure astonishment, I hope it is not too disturbing for you.

(Note: I realize that I composed a story about Gods taking over the world, Jean Claude Van Damme, The A Team and WoW. Things happen).


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  1. Jean-Claude for president!!!

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