WoTLK: What would you add?

WoTLK new features. Brilliant Stuff.

Even when the vast majority of people have not even entered Sunwell Plateau, and they probably associate Black Temple to the term “wipe”, the Lych King is around the corner, sitting in his frozen throne and enjoying the summer.

He is about to make his appearance in our lives, and eagerness eats us alive. Death Knight, 10 new levels, more dungeons, gear, bosses, new cities… everything that the BC brought us when we crossed the portal… and more, much more.

But if we can ask for something, what would we ask for? We got an e-mail with two wishes that we would love to see coming true:

Hi, there

(bla, bla… some introduction words in here) (…) for the forthcoming WoTLK expansion I would ask for two important improvements:

1) An evolving environment where your activity matters over time. This is the real challenge.

2) An line of action not consisting in endless repetition. It kills as a full epic level 70 warlock to be sent to “kill 20 goretusks” (I don’t care if they are demonic goretusks). Having to repeat the same dungeon over and over also turns the fun of entering new places into painful work.

A possible solution for this would be World of Warcraft going actually social. Facing automated elements (aka NPC or mobs) limits seriously the range of possibilties for detaching the game from the repetitive schema aforementioned. So, it is people deciding the line of action which would do the trick.

We are talking virtual reality here, a world unfolding itself by the action of its inhabitants, which is a giant leap from the World of Warcraft as we know it. However, it would be the real success on Blizzard’s behalf.

Heading in this direction would present some serious difficulties, since it would mean giving some control to the players, or said the other way around: losing control of the game.

It would require:

– Reforcing control from in-game laws, not from stablished and unavoidable guidelines (quest-lines).

– Stimulation of activity: one can’t rely on users to develop the whole game, so it would be precise to count on some system adding natural interaction between players. An idea would be counting on Blizzard’s employees interacting with players.

It would achieve:

– No more grinding to spend time, when players are involved in the line of action, the game doesn’t need to keep you busy, other players do.

– Higher monthly fees due to all the staff
required to sustain the new WoW environment. (Look on the bright side:
less people looking for a job)

Thanks for listening to my rant,


It would be nice leaving massive goretusk genocides behind and having the chance to take WoW as a means of breaking reality laws, no limits aside from the interaction rules, instead of just changing the real world limits for the WoW ones.

And you, what would you add?


2 Responses

  1. Interesting, virtual reality, this goes a long way ahead of any Dark Knight, indeed.

  2. It is virtually (hehe… he) impossible, it would require lots of efforts and prolly it would change the whole structure WoW is based upon.

    As for new features, I like the new magic flying carpet for tailors that has been announced 😉

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