WoTLK’s bestiary: Deep Analysis (I)

Not so long ago, Blizzard have unveiled the bestiary for WoTLK. Brilliant stuff.  Let’s take a deep look:

Nerubian Vizier

Half-spider, half-humanoid creatures corrupted after the (beware the imaginative name) War of the Spider. Now, surviving as soldiers of fortune, they wander the frozen lands in look of World of Warcraft players to play “touch and hide” with. And cook them. Probably not in that order.

It is rumored that the viziers themselves may serve an unseen emperor, one who is destined to lead the ancient spider-people to a final victory over the Scourge. In Brilliant Stuff we’ve managed to get a pic of the unseen emperor:

Now, he is the almost-unseen emperor. At most.

Plague Eruptor

According to Blizzard’s Bestiary: “Plague eruptors are the latest experiment of the Lich King, designed to spread horror and chaos across the world of the living”. Well, aside from being creatures of the Lich King… isn’t every enemy in Wow designed to do the very same things?

Again quoting from the bestiary: “The most terrifying weapons in the eruptors’ arsenal are the myriad pulsing nodules that dominate their rotting skin”. I have to admit that my cousin was a plague eruptor when he was fourteen, he had pulsing nodules all over his face. And yes, they were sort of a weapon, especially scary for women.


“The fiercely aggressive jormungar are a marvel of evolution, possessing rows of chisel-like teeth capable of boring through solid rock, as well as muscular, flattened bodies well adapted to rapid underground navigation.”

My good Lord, this is a snake. Don’t lie to me, it’s a big blue snake, nothing fancy about it. Apparently, Blizzard ran out of ideas with the Death Knight, because these creatures looks like combinations of many others that we have already seen in Azeroth.

I know, I know, it is not easy to summon inspiration after two new continents added to the original game, but hey, you’re paid for it, guys!!

Wait for the next part of this deep analysis!!


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  2. After reading through the article, I just feel that I really need more info. Could you suggest some resources please?

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