WoTLK’s bestiary: Deep Analysis (II)

Maybe it’s not that brilliant, after all. But the analysis is not so deep either, so we won’t complain. Let’s continue:

Iron Dwarf

The Iron Dwarf. I picture him like the Tony Stark version of dwarves. Or the kind of dwarf who wears dark Iron Maiden T-Shirts, old school heavy metal midgets. Hell yeah!

But they are just plain evil dwarves, instead. Judging by the pictures that Blizzard has published, they look like dwarves with a skin of stone, electrified eyes and pretty pissed off. It is not easy to be electrified all day long, I take it.

Well, I can’t go fundamentalist on Blizzard, if you give a convincing story to these creatures, the idea might work. Better than big blue snakes, anyway. All we know is that these creatures might be the missing link to understand dwarves and their evolution from the titans of myth (honest to God, this starts to sound like a Manowar song to me). We’ll see.


These look cute. However, I fail to see any imagination involved in the designing process: they are white taurens, taurens in the snow. Give them a pair of skies and you’ll believe you’re in Alberta. According to Blizzard: “many believe the taunka to be ancestral cousins of the tauren”. Really? I wouldn’t have said so. 😛

Aside from this, the brief description provided say that they are “tenacious”, “stoic” and they have a “unshakable resolve”. So, they are stubborn, aren’t they?

Well, I can’t say this is going to change WoW as we know it. Murlocs were pure genius, by comparison.

Flesh Giants

Well, they have gone nuts with these: flesh giants. They have summon every bit of imagination in the world to create this new race. Could they have come up with a better name? Strong, mighty and above all… self descriptive.

Flesh Giants are some kind of zombies made with dead body parts from different corpses. I admit this looks actually evil, however, if you decide to hang around the Plaguelands sometimes, you’ll see plenty of similar creatures all around the place. Again, we will fight flesh giants because they are mobs and surely someone wants to have their ribs or lungs to do something, and he will reward us with XP points and stuff. However, I can’t say flesh giants are the most amazing creature ever designed.


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