WoTLK: Official Release Date

Wowhead.com has announced the official release date for the Lich King to arrive: November the 11th. We’ll have him with us this year, Wowhead claims that this has been confirmed by trustful Blizzard sources, although we’ve checked the official website of the game and there’s no date available yet.

However, this makes sense: Warhammer Online comes out this same week, so Blizzard will have 2 months to evaluate their counterstrike to ensure that no WoW player switches Azeroth for the darker world of Warhammer.

It certainly works on Blizzard’s interest to don’t give much time to Warhammer to collect up adepts, since some of those WoW players that are at leisure waiting for WoTLK to come out might be tempted to give Warhammer Online a try.

So, the mere announcement is a great counterattack against Mythic Entertainment. 😉

Get ready because the King is almost here. Brilliant stuff!!!

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