WoTLK: At the WrathGates Cinematic

New cinematic trailer from the WoTLK beta, explaining how the Forsaken have spreaded a plague over the Lich King’s cottage on the countryside. I mean… around the Icecrown Citadel, home and fortress of the Lich King, that is. 😛

The Forsaken, for all those of you who don’t know, are evil creatures. You can tell by the way they speak, dragging out every word from the deepest darkness. Or from a pulmonar disease, whatever comes first. Their aspect wouldn’t grant them a place in a beauty contest, so… they’re bad guys, indeed.

Something that you could indeed try for free is to get some cupones hostgator

You can also see how powerful the Lich King is, but if you’re keen enough, there’s a key to kill him revealed on the trailer. You can’t defeat him with magic or weapons, but seemingly he’s afraid of green foggy stuff. So, if you manage to hire someone to fumigate in the king’s fortress, you just have to take the gear and run. 😉

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