World of Warcraft is a crazy place

We’ve hired a psychoatrist (that’s how he introduced himself) in order to answer all those questions related to the World of Warcraft. Having received some e-mails containing deep-brilliant stuff, we needed someone capable of providing an intelligent response to them. We just found him available, so… here he is!!

Hi, there
My name is PrettyEyes and I’m in a relationship since 2001. My boyfriend and I were a happy couple until World of Warcraft came out. We started playing together, that brought us closer to each other, it was great. I played a hot holy paladin and he went for a strong night elf warrior who looked like someone who spends too much time at the gym. Now, he has decided to change his main char for an alt, and that was where our relationship changed. He is a powerful level 70 mage female gnome named “Pinky_Blue” who happened to kick ass… but I can’t look at him the same way anymore. It is as if we’ve lost the spark. What can I do?

Well, first off, you could change your name. No woman on Earth respects herself when using the name “PrettyEyes”. Now, knowing that I hang around as a psychoatrist, I won’t insist on the matter.

Secondly, you should play an undead rogue and cannibalize him, just to make a point. If that doesn’t work, you should log in with his account, get to any major city in the immediate surroundings, and start screaming: “I really believe that The Dark Knight was the worst Batman flick ever, we should honor that other “Batman & Robin” wonderful moving picture, Chris O’Donell is a real actor. Fuck Heath Ledger (but let him rest in peace)”. Then, he will KNOW for sure that there’s something that seriously bothers you.

Then, do what any other normal people would do and TALK to him. Do NOT WHISPER him, nor SEND a message in the guild’s board, just approach yourself to his physicial REAL body and articulate understandable sounds in order to establish old fashioned communication. Speak out, woman.

If that doesn’t work… just go and play Guild Wars, losers have their second chance. 😉