New World of Warcraft Costumes

Yeah, Halloween is not going to get rid of night elves and orcs hanging around, this year. Brilliant stuff!!

Tauren Mask

If you’re a tauren, this may be your next purchase if you’ve got some bucks to spare. However, it should look fierce and aggresive… but it looks coward and scared instead. I think this one could have a better aspect if his eyes get slightly re-touched, for the sake of selling more of them, anyway.

Forsaken Kit

This one looks cooler: you become an actual creepy creature after being disguised with this. However, the package seems too little to contain every required aspect to come up with a complete transformation. The pic shows a very accurate change of that dude’s face. Anyone has tried it yet? If so, drop some lines about it, we want to know!!!

The Mighty Ears of a Night Elf (and some more)
Hell yeah!! Well, I don’t know if hell is a place for night elves. Let’s say… uhmmm… “Shiny forest of mighty creatures yeah!” instead.  Better? Does it make any sense? Well… drop it, then. The ears of a night elf, now available.

The kit adds some makeup to help you become a real Night Elf.  It’s not much but hey, it’s 12 bucks you’re investing here, you can’t expect Elune to pay you a visit. Although I would like to see that happening. Would she agree to make a lapdance? How much would it cost? Errr… I’m losing it.

World of Warcraft costumes, absolutely brilliant stuff for this Halloween!! For more, visit and Apple’s Costumes.

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